Dublin Jewish Progressive Congregation (DJPC)

Website: www.djpcireland.com

Email: djpc@liberaljudaism.org

Postal: PO Box 3059, Dublin 6

President: Ms Helen Marks

Since its foundation in 1946 by members of the Irish Jewish Community, the DJPC has built a congregation based on values of inclusivity and the practice of Liberal Judaism. Membership is open to anyone of the Jewish faith and the participation of non-Jewish spouses or partners in the life of the congregation is welcomed. The synagogue has a reputation for providing a warm welcome at its services to everyone including numerous visitors from around the world.

Services are held every Erev Shabbat, on High Holy Days and the Festivals, and on many Shabbat mornings. Frequent family services are also held in the synagogue as are special events marking key milestones in Jewish life—births, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Kabbalat Torah, weddings and anniversaries.

The shul is an international partner in Mitzvah Day UK and members of the congregation are involved in a wide variety of Irish interfaith and other local cross-community activities.

Cheder is held on Sunday mornings during school term for the children of members—in addition to teaching Hebrew and Bible studies along with Jewish customs and practices, there are a variety of outings and special events for the pupils and their families. Each year some of the older youth and young adults from the congregation attend Jewish camps organized in Europe, Israel and the UK by Liberal Judaism.