Dublin Hebrew Congregation

A Short history of the Dublin Hebrew Congregation

On 26th September 1936 a meeting was held to set up a Synagogue in the Rathmines / Rathgar / Terenure area to cater for the young families who were now living in these areas, and were too far to walk to Adelaide Road or Greenville Hall Synagogues. The Shul started in rented rooms at6 Grosvenor Place, Rathmines, but in April 1940 52 Grosvenor Road was purchased.

At Rosh Hashanah 1948 the Congregation moved from Rathmines to a Nissen Hut in the grounds of “Leoville”Rathfarnham Road, Terenure, which had been purchased on behalf of the Congregation by the late Woulfe Freedman and Erwin Goldwater some years before.

The building of the New Terenure Synagogue commenced in August 1952 and was completed and dedicated on 30th August 1953.

On Wednesday 9th February 1966, the Shul was set on fire. Several Siffrei Torah were destroyed, and the Shul itself was very badly damaged. The Nissen Hut, which had been turned into a function hall, was quickly converted back into a Shul, and no Shabbat Services were missed.

On Sunday 26th May 1968, the newly refurbished Shul was rededicated.

In January 1999, at Extraordinary meetings of the Terenure and Adelaide Road Congregations, the two Congregations agreed to merge. It was agreed that the Adelaide Road Synagogue would be sold, and that some of the proceeds of the sale would be used to build a new Mikveh and New Synagogue complex on the grounds at Terenure. From then, the Terenure Synagogue hosted the members of Adelaide, until 15th December 2004 when both Congregations held simultaneous Extraordinary General meetings and agreed to merge. The first Council Meeting of the new Dublin Hebrew congregation, Terenure was held on 25th January 2005.

Our Synagogue is located at 32a Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 6

Public Transport

Buses: 16,  15, 15a, 15b, 65, 65c, 49, 49a, 17
Get off at Terenure Cross (road). Walk up Rathfarnham Road, pass AIB Bank and one row of terraced houses; shul is next building, with wooden/metal security gates. Across the street is a shop called Window Fashions.


Our Rabbi in Dublin

Rabbi Zalman Shimon Lent was born in England and grew up in Manchester, where his family have long been associated with rabbinic, communal and educational activities. His father – Dov (Barry) – served as a rabbi under the late Chief Rabbi Jacobovits, and his maternal grandfather was the late Rabbi Mendel Gurdus, who served the Manchester community as Rosh HaShochtim and as a much beloved synagogue rabbi for 42 years.

He received his education at the Manchester Grammar School, achieving distinction in Linguistics and in Craft, Design and Technology. After three years of Yeshivah study in Montreal, and three in Melbourne, he followed an intensive Semicha program, and was ordained by Rabbis Feitel Levin, Chair Gutnick, Elya Fisher (dean of the Gerrer Kollel in New York), and Rabbi Yeruslavski (rabbi of Kiryat Malachi).

Whilst at Yeshivah he participated in outreach activities with different communities and of varying age groups, especially over the Festival periods. In between terms he travelled widely to many Jewish communities to help run Jewish programs and services, to cities such as Wellington, New Zealand; Noumea, New Caledonia and Denver, Colorado.