Tomi Reichental & Yanky Fachler TV3 Aug 7th 2013

On Wednesday August 7th 2013, Tomi Reichental and Yanky Fachler appeared on TV3’s “The Morning Show” to discuss the importance of continuing the pursuit of Nazi war criminals. The interview began with Tomi telling Clair Brock of his earliest memories as a 7-year-old child growing up in pre-war Slovakia where his father was a famer and his grandfather was the local shop keeper.... Read More

A Jew, an Irishman and a Corkman

This week the Irish Jewish gathering takes place celebrating Irish Jewish culture. Among the events organised are a series of films by Jewish directors at the Irish Film Institute and exhibitions at the Irish Jewish Museum. Today at lunch time at the IFI there is a screening of ‘The Hebrew Lesson’, a short film directed by Wolf Mankowitz. Set in Cork, the film stars... Read More

The Day a Jewish flag flew over the Warsaw Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto was established in October 1940. Jews in Warsaw and its suburbs were rounded up, and 400,000 people, about 30% of the population of Warsaw, were squeezed into the Ghetto that was about 2.4% the size of Warsaw. Over 100,000 Ghetto residents died due to rampant disease or starvation, as well as random killings. Between Tisha Be’Av (July 23) and Yom Kippur (September... Read More

RTE Nationwide Special Irish Jewish Community

RTE Television recently did a programme as part of their Nationwide series that focused on the Jewish community in Dublin. In the programme reporter Ann Cassin talks to Elaine and Melanie Brown about their memories of Clanbrassil Street in Dublin which formed much of the commercial and social life of the community. There is some good film footage of life on the street and in Zion... Read More

RTE Broadcast of Pesach Message 2012

Yanky Fachler runs a communal Seder, recounting his father’s escape from Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport. Click here to view the short progamme first broadcast on April 1st 2012  Read More

RTE Broadcast For The Jewish New Year 5772

Rabbi Zalman Lent and members of the Jewish community mark Rosh Hashanah by discussing how their faith has helped them find ways to be happy. The theme the  Secret of Happiness was first broadcast September 25th 2011. Click here to view the broadcast.  Read More