Tomi Reichental to receive Order of Merit from the German President

The award winning author Tomi Reichental is to be honoured by the German President, with the presentation of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Tomi is the author of the book “I was a boy in Belsen” and the subject of two documentaries on his experiences as a holocaust survivor in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp during 1944 and 1945. Born in 1935 in... Read More

St. Patrick was Jewish NewsTalk Jan 5th 2012

St. Patrick was Jewish; Marcus Losack has written a new book about the ancestry of St. Patrick with startling conclusions about his Royal and Jewish origins. Listen here to the Interview  Read More

Tomi Reichenstal Interview with Tom Dunne, NewsTalk Jan 4th 2012

Tomi Reichenstal  joined Tom on the show to tell his experience of been a boy in the Belsen Concentration Camp. Listen here for the full interview  Read More

Listen to the Tomi Reichental Interview : Pat Kenny Dec 6th 2011

At the age of nine, Tomi Reichental, with his mother, brother, grandmother, aunt and cousin, was incarcerated in the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Their crime: being Jews in Slovakia under Tiso’s regime which collaborated in the deportation of over 80 per cent of its Jewish population. Tomi breaks a sixty year silence to tell his story of daily brutality, starvation... Read More